About Stealth Engineering Group

“It’s In The Can”

The progressive engineers at SEG were challenged to improve the design of today’s silencer. The original objective was to develop a more economical solution for the U.S. government. The same technology would ultimately benefit law enforcement, hunters, and the general civilian population. Stealth Engineering Group met this goal and exceeded it. The SEG mission is to evolve basic architecture with advanced technology to provide significant advantages to the end user. SEG is made up of uniquely diverse design and engineering professionals who have succeeded in the demand to advance every aspect of the current silencer. You asked…we delivered. The SEG Suppressor fits every need. SEG patent pending technology will revolutionize the industry.






Cost Effective

SEG engineers applied innovative solutions to the science of suppression. Surpassing the billet and the K style baffles, SEG has created a new suppressor technology that is far more economical to manufacture, the intellectual property of which is closely guarded between SEG and the U.S. government. Pending expected release at the 2014 SHOT Show, the SEG design will make suppressors accessible to hunters and the general public as well as the military and law enforcement.

Light Weight

SEG applied technology resulted in a substantially lighter weight silencer.  A full one-third lighter than the extreme lightest competing samples, a minimum of 33% weight reduction significantly affects ease of use and thus performance. Results of an independent competitive study reported, “The SEG suppressor feels like the can is empty; a welcome improvement when you have to lug it around at the end of a gun”.

Signature Sound

Resolving both cost and weight reduction, sound reduction was tantamount. SEG Engineering Group applied yet another technological innovation to create the quietest permanent-use suppressor. Comparing any manufacturer’s can of equal size, the SEG suppressor tested the quietest signature.



The SEG patent pending finish is permanently infused throughout the thickness of the suppressor can. This finish will not scratch or burn off, a solution that overcomes the existing pitfall of beauty is only skin deep. The stealth design of the camouflage is a masterful work of art uniquely invisible.

“Size Matters”

SEG will initially offer four can sizes accommodating every caliber and any thread size. Each size will be available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium. Can sizes are:

Independence™ 1.07” x 6.125”  Micro Independence™ 1.07" x 3.937" Monument™ 2.55" x 15.25" 
Jefferson™ 1.30” x 7.4" Micro Jefferson™ 1.30” x 4.656" Competition Hancock™ 1.55” x 6.75”
Franklin™ 1.44” x 8.1” Micro Franklin™ 1.44” x 5” (Military Cans coming soon) 
Hancock™ 1.55” x 8.8” Micro Hancock™ 1.55” x 5.39”




Know your local laws before purchasing. You must be 21 to purchase a suppressor. All sales require a federal background check. SEG is a 02/SOT manufacture that assumes no responsibility or liability for any transactions.