Can I own a silencer?

Can you own a gun? If you can own a gun it is likely that you can also own a suppressor. Any US citizen 21 or older living in one of the 39 suppressor friendly States. (This excludes felons.)


What States allow suppressors?

States that currently allow suppressor ownership; AL, AK, AZ, AR, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, AND WY. (Check with your local laws to verify the legality in your area.)



What do I need to purchase a suppressor? 2 options

Option 1) A gun trust and your driver’s license. Click Here to purchase SEG Suppressors Gun Trust.

Option 2) Two sets of completed fingerprint cards, two passport photos, a signature from your county sheriff, and your driver’s license.

(We suggest getting a trust and we can help you do that at a minimal cost and effort.)


In addition to the cost of the suppressor, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms will require a tax in the amount of $200 prior to an inappropriate waiting period that is designed to discourage you from ownership. We think you will find that it is worth the wait.


Why are suppressors beneficial?

Military/Law Enforcement:

“A suppressor is an important tactical advantage for our armed forces, providing stealth and an unobstructed use of their senses”

  1. A suppressor contains the fiery flash that is normally visible in low light conditions.
  2. A suppressor contains the blast of pressure that will normally move leaves or create a small dust cloud when shooting prone over dirt or sand.
  3. Health of the shooter as well as any bystanders. Military and Law Enforcement weapons create noise that is substantially past the decibel level OSHA considers permanently damaging to the ear. A suppressor brings that level down to a hearing safe level without the need for hearing protection. A SWAT customer described a live drill he recently performed where he shot a short barrel AR over the shoulder of one of his teammates while in a closed course hallway. (As he was trained). The result was two incapacitated SWAT team members for the rest of the day.
  4. Communication is enhanced if hearing protection is not needed. Whether it’s a drill Sargent giving life saving commands, hearing the location of unfriendly fire, or that twig breaking behind you. You would certainly want all of your senses in those situations. 


  1. Many times a hunter will spend days preparing for a successful hunt; scoping out a forest for a good game trail, later building a tree stand, and finally waiting for game to arrive. Everyone has his or her comfortable accuracy distance (Like fish stories the distances are usually shorter than estimated). If the game presents itself at 300 yards a hunter may wait in hope that it might move closer. If the game moves further the hunter may never get a shot because a loud miss would surely scare other game for the rest of the day. A suppressor-enhanced shot may or may not spook this game but it surely wont alarm future game from entering the area.
  2. Suppressors improve accuracy and slightly increase muzzle velocity. It’s a common misconception that suppressors reduce range and accuracy, when in fact the opposite is true. At the SHOT show I had the pleasure of discussing this topic with Major John L Plaster, an Army Special Forces Officer that is one of the leading sniper experts in the world. Like an extended barrel increases the muzzle velocity, a suppressor does the same. Although the projectile never touches the suppressor baffle, the length does increase and a 5 to 10 feet per second increase is typically seen in bullet speed. This is not significant but it dispels the belief that suppressors decrease range. Major Plaster and I agree that the increased accuracy of a suppressed rifle is due to the way the SEG suppressor deals with the aerodynamic turbulence as the projectile exits the barrel. Crowns and counter bores are used at the end of a rifle barrel to greatly improve exit turbulence, our symmetrical baffle was designed to do an even better job of addressing this effect in multiple stages as the projectile passes through the suppressor for a cleaner exit. We even crowned the exit of our suppressor to insure the cleanest exit possible.
  3. The term gun-shy originated to describe hunting dogs that were no longer effective for hunting because of their fear of the loud noise of a gun. A customer praised our product as a perfect solution to his problem of losing a percentage of gun-shy dogs at every successful hunt. He is a foxhunter whose hounds corner a fox that he needs to approach at close range with a handgun to shoot the fox. He stated that there is no way to back off the hounds and inadvertently one or more dogs become afraid of guns. Our suppressor completely solved that problem. 
  4. Nuisance animals that kill livestock or even threaten human life can multiply faster than they can be hunted, they have learned to scatter and hide from gunfire. It’s quite common to see nuisance animals like wolves in Alaska or wild bores in Texas during a hunt for other game. Without a suppressor you can’t pick these nuisance animals off because you will scare off your target hunt for the rest of the day. With a suppressor you can shoot these nuisance animals and even have more nuisance animals present themselves.
  5. When a young kid drives by without a muffler it can be an annoyance, the same goes for distant gunfire to some. I hear gunfire from my home that’s coming from hunters or even backyard target shooters, this doesn’t bother me but I can appreciate that the noise would bother some and even evoke fear in others. A suppressor is a muffler for a gun, in many European countries it is mandatory to hunt with a silencer.  

For more info click the link below:

Personal Protection/target shooting:

  1. SWAT teams use flash-bang devices to stun perpetrators prior to entering a dwelling to gain an advantage with reaction times. The bright flash and loud report will stun your senses and render them less useful to deal with urgent situations. Imagine that someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night; you secure your firearm to protect yourself and family. Firing a gun indoors would essentially duplicate a flash bang device on yourself. Your ears ring, your eyes change dilation causing poor visibility and you can’t think as clearly in this life-threatening situation. According to the BATF statistics 80+% of first shots are misses. I certainly wouldn’t want to be any less than 100% if I had to defend myself. Even my home defense weapons have suppressors now.
  2. When introducing someone to guns they can be overwhelmed by the fiery flash, the kick of the gun and the loud report. Introduce that child or your date to a weapon with a suppressor and their fears are removed for future use of suppressed and unsuppressed fire.
  3. Common large caliber guns like a .308 require hearing protection outdoors and any size caliber will require hearing protection if indoors. Take your hands and cup them over your ears and say something. This is disorienting, the artificial loss of any sense will affect your ability to clearly cope with normal decision-making. If you shoot long enough you will forget to wear your hearing protection and experience the loud shot of an unsuppressed firearm. According to OSHA those shots are permanently damaging to our hearing. SEG is working with private ranges that are moving toward suppressor only facilities to protect the rights of surrounding homeowners and the health of their members.  


If anti gun influences weren’t so narrow focused, suppressors would be mandatory like mufflers. Reducing the noise below OSHA’s published hearing safe standards. Providing hearing protection for our armed forces in the work environment, and the general sportsmen from random noise pollution. Movies have sensationalized the silencer as an assassin’s tool. Like the General Lee surviving 20’ high jumps in the Dukes of Hazard, that’s fantasy. Reality and history show that silencers have not contributed to crime statistics.


Can all guns be suppressed?

Most guns can be suppressed with some exceptions.

The explosive increase of suppressor sales has influenced manufacturers and business in the firearm industry. Gun manufacturers have recognized the market and offer a growing increase of suppressor ready firearms, as well as an increase of replacement barrel manufactures and gunsmiths offering threading services for your existing gun.

I would suggest searching images of your gun model with the words threaded barrel or suppressor to see what’s been done and what’s available.

The common exceptions are shotguns and revolvers.

Revolvers have a gap between the cylinder and the barrel so the muzzle blast and noise will escape through that gap before it ever gets to the suppressor. A suppressor will help but a revolver is not an optimal choice.

Shotgun ammo uses a wad between the powder and the projectile, that wad clogs up the suppressor baffles. Were working on a solution to this that should be available by 2015.


How silent are suppressors/how can I evaluate the published data?

Our .308 suppressed rifles using subsonic ammunition are quieter than a hand clap and our .22 suppressed guns are quieter than most BB guns. In contrast a .22 unsuppressed is above the threshold of pain and permanent hearing damage according to OSHA. A .308 is well beyond the threshold of permanent hearing damage.

The measuring standard for sound (dB) is not as cut and dry as the standard for temperature (°F) or speed (mph), or other standards. The Decibel (dB) standard is for pressure/power/tenth of one bel and this is currently the closest gauge for sound. Decibels are not necessarily additive, thus being "of unacceptable form for use in dimensional analysis". The Decibel scale is complicated and not linear or equivalent to logical norms. The Decibel scale also does not take in account the frequency of the pressure. We tested our suppressors with another brand of suppressors at a test facility that allegedly has the best dB testing equipment in the suppressor industry. We were happy to confirm that our suppressors were quieter on the meter except for one that had the same dB number, although everyone in the room agreed that the SEG suppressor sounded quieter after multiple re-tests. Stealth Engineering Group wrapped our heads around this and determined that a measurement of pressure with a frequency measurement is a better way to meter what the human ear hears. SEG is working on patent rights that combine the two for a new standard that best represents how humans hear.

A couple of examples: At a car race where the track limits the cars to 103dB @ 50’, a lower revving V10 Viper sounds quieter to our ears than the high RPM V8 Corvette but they both are 103db. Another example is a dog whistle that has a higher dB reading than some guns, but human’s cant even hear it.

The other issue with the published suppressor dB ratings is that some are using $20,000 meters and others are using $50 meters with minimal compliance to standards like distance, the meter quality, temperature, angle, what side of the gun, surrounding objects, and ammunition. Wait there’s more; off-the-shelf ammunition is so inconsistent that the standard is to take 10 shots and average the results. I have witnessed 10 shots where the dB was 115 for 8 shots 125 for 1 shot and 111 for one shot. Like boat speeds, the ambiguity of accurate standards tends to inspire favorable embellishment in some of the marketing. We will publish numbers, however, we encourage you to view our before and after videos with un-filtered sound for your ear to decide. You wont be disappointed in this investment.


Why choose an SEG suppressor?

We founded the Stealth Engineering Group because we felt that the handful of existing silencers are substantially over priced. Rather than just cut the profit margins to a fair number we put our heads together to develop a more efficient design and manufacturing process to offer even better prices to you. Our intention is to offer appropriate pricing compared to other items in the firearm industry, and thus opening the accessibility to more hunters, target shooters, armed forces and everyone who wants the benefits of a suppressor.

Our prices are the lowest to date. This might one day change; however, the VALUE calculated from low pricing, unsurpassed quality and patent protected improvements make SEG the clear choice for your investment.

Next we focused on making the quietest suppressor. Our first designs were quickly as good as the number one selling suppressor, initially this was a great accomplishment to offer something already accepted as adequate at a lower price, however, the original goal was to be quieter so we continued until we accomplished that objective.

The next objective was to offer a more durable finish that makes the SEG suppressor uniquely recognizable.  Until our patented finishes, all other coatings would burn off. Our finish is beautiful, providing a natural camouflage that is throughout the thickness of the material so the pattern on the outside can be seen on the other side of the metal making it far more durable.

SEG will keep bringing innovation and offer exclusive discounts to our customers.

What is the warranty?

SEG will repair any failure due to material flaws or workmanship * see exclusions.

Unfortunately due to the nature of serial number transfers with the ATF and governing laws, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. however, we want our customers to remain happy and will provide you with fair solutions to any problems you might encounter.

Please review your order carefully to avoid mistakes.

Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer without contacting us for an RMA# and instructions for following the legal filing process. 

Repairs must be preauthorized with an RMA#. Following an inspection we will give you a quote prior to completing the work. We will make an honest effort to keep you happy if problems arise.

All shipments should be tracked and insured for a full replacement value. Be sure to pack well in order to avoid damage. Insurance will not cover damage if they find sub-standard packaging. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item, or the condition upon arrival.

* All of our products are warrantied for defects from workmanship and material.

Our suppressors are designed with enough clearance for ALL normal circumstances; a projectile should never contact any part of the suppressor.

What’s not covered under our warranty?

  • A suppressor that became loose.
  • Barrel flaws or faulty ammo that cause the projectile to tumble.
  • Failing to clean the suppressor.
  • Overheating
    • Aluminum is not full auto or bump fire rated
    • Titanium can handle full auto or bump fire for a limited time before cooling
    • Stainless is full auto or bump fire rated for a limited time before cooling.

      These are conservative descriptions and can vary based on load, barrel length, suppressor size and speed of fire and magazine swaps.

      As time progresses we will publish the limits we find during testing. See FAQs for more information. 

  • Barrels shorter than 10" on guns chambered for high velocity ammunition.
    • A 7" AR barrel with a 1:7 or 1:8 twist uses about 2" to chamber the round leaving 5" of rifling. The projectile does not have a chance to make a single revolution or stabilize before exiting the barrel. We have not seen a problem with this during our testing, but have heard about issues from other manufacturers. 

Basically no Baffle Strikes or Overheating- These are not the fault of the suppressor, however, SEG has the ability to repair most problems and will fix them at reasonable rates regardless of the cause. We want to keep our products trouble free for a lifetime of use. 

For repair instructions click here to contact us.