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SEG is moving to a bigger and better location!

Please be patient during this process, production, quality and customer service will get improvements as well as a revised baffle that will be worth the wait.

We will publish notifications as soon as the process is complete.

Material Comparison

  Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Cost Best Better Good
Weight Best Good Better
Wear Durability Good Best Better
Heat Durabiilty Good Best Better


Aluminum is not full auto or bump fire rated. HANCOCK - 14.5oz -  Recommended for sub sonic only & low rate of fire

Titanium can handle full auto or bump fire for a limited time/one magazine before cooling. HANCOCK - 19oz  - Recommended for all types of ammo 

Stainless is full auto or bump fire rated but also for a limited time/two or three magazines before cooling. HANCOCK - 29oz with titanium baffle. 

These are conservative numbers and can vary based on load, barrel length, suppressor size and speed of magazine swaps. 

As time progresses we will publish the limits we find. See FAQs for more information.

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Product Q & A (1)

1 answer
Q: Can the baffle core be pinned and welded to a barrel to make it a non-NFA length? Thanks. Rick
1 year ago
Posted by Richard G
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Accepted Answer
1 year ago
Posted by Staff
On the Full Size Hancock the baffle cannot be pinned and welded but on the Competition Hancock it can. The Stainless or Titanium .223 Competition Hancock can have the Baffle pinned and welded to the Barrel that is at least 10.5” and will meet the minimum requirement of at least 16” once pinned and welded so no SBR tax stamp would be needed. Stainless is the best choice for this setup and most durable but Titanium is also an option if you don’t plan on dumping mags repeatedly or abusing the setup. Stainless weighs 26oz and titanium weighs 14.5oz.
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