.300 Blackout

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.300 Blackout

.300 Blackout.300 Blackout.300 Blackout.300 Blackout.300 Blackout
.300 Blackout.300 Blackout.300 Blackout.300 Blackout.300 Blackout
Material: Tube / Baffle:
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SEG is moving to a bigger and better location!

Please be patient during this process, production, quality and customer service will get improvements as well as a revised baffle that will be worth the wait.

We will publish notifications as soon as the process is complete.

Material Comparison

  Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Cost Best Better Good
Weight Best Good Better
Wear Durability Good Best Better
Heat Durabiilty Good Best Better


Aluminum is not full auto or bump fire rated. 

Titanium can handle full auto or bump fire for a limited time/one magazine before cooling. 

Stainless is full auto or bump fire rated but also for a limited time/two or three magazines before cooling.

These are conservative numbers and can vary based on load, barrel length, suppressor size and speed of magazine swaps. 

As time progresses we will publish the limits we find. See FAQs for more information.

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Product Q & A (1)

1 answer
Q: Looking for a can for 9mm carbine, 300 blackout, and maybe other .30 caliber. Would this work for that?
1 year ago
Posted by Michael
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Accepted Answer
1 year ago
Posted by Staff
We have several options for this desired combo. The first is the Jefferson and depending on the desired 300blk type of ammo whether it be sub sonic or super sonic will depict the material needed to achieve your request. We can do this suppressor in full aluminum or full titanium or a combo of the 2. The full titanium will handle super sonic 300 blackout and of course the 9MM. the suppressor will be a 9MM suppressor and for the handguns to function properly the suppressors need a Nielsen device or a boost which are available as well in aluminum or titanium. Depending on the other 30 caliber weapons you are wanting to suppress will decide whether you need to go with a larger size suppressor or not but either way we make one that will satisfy your needs.
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