.375 Mag

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.375 Mag

.375 Mag.375 Mag.375 Mag.375 Mag.375 Mag
.375 Mag
Material: Tube / Baffle:
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Material Comparison

  Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Cost Best Better Good
Weight Best Good Better
Wear Durability Good Best Better
Heat Durabiilty Good Best Better


Aluminum is not full auto or bump fire rated. 

Titanium can handle full auto or bump fire for a limited time/one magazine before cooling. 

Stainless is full auto or bump fire rated but also for a limited time/two or three magazines before cooling.

These are conservative numbers and can vary based on load, barrel length, suppressor size and speed of magazine swaps. 

As time progresses we will publish the limits we find. See FAQs for more information.

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Product Q & A (1)

1 answer
Q: is this capable of being used on a 375RUM or a 375CT? thank you
10 months ago
Posted by robert
Answer the Question
10 months ago
Posted by Staff
Please give us a call so we can discuss this. It should work, but we want to confirm and check a few things first. 770-318-1456
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