Competition Hancock (1.55x6.75)

Competition Hancock (1.55x6.75)

Competition Hancock (1.55x6.75)Competition Hancock (1.55x6.75)Competition Hancock (1.55x6.75)Competition Hancock (1.55x6.75)
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SEG is moving to a bigger and better location!

Please be patient during this process, production, quality and customer service will get improvements as well as a revised baffle that will be worth the wait.

We will publish notifications as soon as the process is complete.

Our latest development for military accuracy, durability and serviceability. First tested at Mammoth, we call it the SEG Competition Hancock and what sets it apart from the rest is rather significant!  

  • Stealth Engineering Group (SEG) was dedicated to bringing the military a better suppressor. 
    • Serviceability, something we can clean and keep working well for the life of the weapon. 
    • Reduced Blow-Back (gas to the face)
    • Improved heat mitigation for superior full auto durability (even over welded suppressors)
    • Accuracy, less bullet shift, improved repeat-ability
  • First we start off with a direct thread because nothing else is as precise or repeatable (Period). 
  • Equally important is the SEG fully symmetrical baffle. Like a barrel that isn't crowned symmetrically, every baffle that has anything non-symmetrical will cause the bullet to shift... There are 6 to 12 non-symmetrical baffles in most other suppressors.
  • To insure the highest precision, SEG machines their competition cores out of the highest quality billet material. The SEG patented design eliminates any tolerance stack-up by direct threading the baffle to the barrel, and the outer tube is centered over the baffle with a tongue and groove alignment.
  • The blast chamber isn't wasted space, its a proportional relief to spread the heat over a larger area. Most other Suppressors create a hot spot in one place where they eventually fail. 
  • We shortened it to be compact but still make supersonic ammo hearing safe.
  • Titanium Weight in .30cal w/ 5/8-24 = 14.5oz 
  • Stainless Weight in .30cal w/ 5/8-24 = 26oz
  • Weight is directly affected by the Caliber of the suppressor. 
  • Diameter = 1.55 inches  
  • Length = 6.75 inches
  • Average Db reduction is 30-35Db

NOTE: Please list what Color, Caliber, & Custom Thread Size you want in section 2 in the checkout at the bottom of the page if it is not listed in the options and "Other" is selected.

ATTENTION: Also the tool to remove caps and baffle is not included in the price, please go to the link below and add to your cart to receive tool with your Competition Hancock Suppressor. 

Link for tool -

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Q: Is there any testing on specific rifles and ammo for this suppressor? I am building a rifle starting with a Remington 5R. I am using Federal Gold Match at the moment until I get my reloader setup but would like to see some results before ordering. I just purchased a Silencerco Hbrid and happened to stumble upon our company online and it's the first I have heard of this brand. I would love to take one of your suppressors to the range and show it off.
1 year ago
Posted by Robert
Answer the Question
1 year ago
Posted by Staff
We do not have any reviews featuring this model currently but are working on some. we have several competition shooters that love this suppressor and swear by it.
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