SEG Pistol Booster

SEG Pistol Booster

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SEG is moving to a bigger and better location!

Please be patient during this process, production, quality and customer service will get improvements as well as a revised baffle that will be worth the wait.

We will publish notifications as soon as the process is complete.

The SEG Micro Pistol Booster is designed for the use with our Jefferson & Franklin pistol suppressors. Our Booster / Nielsen Device is the overall shortest on the market and adds less than 1 inch to the overall length of our suppressor. The Booster allows the pistols or handgun to cycle properly using any type of ammunition whether it be super sonic or sub sonic loads. It is available in either Aluminum or Titanium. It comes with 1 stainless threaded piston. These can be adapted easily to any Jefferson or Franklin model pistol caliber suppressors as well as the micro models of each of these too. Extra threaded pistons will be available as well so you can adapt it to any thread size barrel. They are fully serviceable and require no modification to the already existing suppressor. The Titanium is FULL AUTO RATED!

Weight: Weight will be slightly less for all other thread sizes since they are bigger(-.05oz)

Aluminum Jefferson - 2.66oz w/ 1/2-28 

Titanium Jefferson - 3oz w/ 1/2-28 

Aluminum Franklin - 3.5oz w/ 1/2-28

Titanium Franklin - 4oz w/ 1/2-28

ATTENTION: Also the tool to disassemble Booster is not included in the price, please go to the link below and add to your cart to receive tool with your Booster. 

Link for tool -

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